4 Types of Facebook Ads Targeting

We all know one thing about Facebook Ads; it’s that it gives us about a million options for “how to target people”. On the other hand, having so many options can be unnerving. But it provides endless possibilities for optimisation. This article will help you, how to make the most of interest & behaviour targeting. List of 4 Types of Facebook Ads Targeting: Detailed Targeting Positive Targeting Narrow Targeting Expanded Targeting Detailed Targeting: Interest and behaviour targeting methods are what

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7 Key Metrics for Mobile App Success

7 key metrics for mobile app success

Tons of metrics indicate an app’s performance and success. While each app has a unique design, use case and business models, but they all share a handful of metrics necessary to their success. These metrics are easily quantifiable regardless of the app or chosen business model. Installs: The number of customers who have not only downloaded your app but have taken the next step to install it on their device. On average, 30% of your total downloads will convert to

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2 Quick ways to improve Facebook Ads performance

Facebook Ads seems to be one of the most immediate ways to impact the reach of your content. I’ve been handling Facebook Ads since 2013, I still remember the first Facebook Ad I created is 100x100px in dimension, trust me I’m not kidding.  In this post, I’ll share with you 2 ways to improve your Facebook Ads which creates a maximum impact on ROI which I’ve learned from my own experience.  Let’s jump right in… Spy on your competitor ads:

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Click Fraud and How You Can Block It?

By definition, click fraud is when someone clicks on your paid advertising link with the intention of either diverting or depleting your budget. This can be on a text link at the top of a search engine results in page (SERP) such as in Google, or it can be on a display banner or sponsored video that you’ve paid. PPC based click fraud is whenever someone clicks on your ad with zero intention of becoming a customer or doing any

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Difference between Keyword and Search Query

Trust me, and I’m not kidding; even experienced digital marketers make mistakes with the terms in the field. One among them is the difference between keywords and search queries. Both these terms are often used interchangeably, but they have different meanings and roles within your digital marketing strategy. Knowing this difference makes a significant impact during creating and managing digital campaigns of your organisation. Let me explain you the role these two words play in your GoogleAds and SEO. What

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