How to tame a HiPPO – ‘Highest-Paid Persons Opinion’

How to tame a HiPPO - 'Highest-Paid Persons Opinion'

The term “HiPPO” is well known and refers to the ‘Highest-Paid Persons Opinion’ – the tendency for significant business decisions to come from senior leaders and their untested assumptions and ‘intuition.’ Aside from the fact that these initiatives rarely ever actually work, they can be incredibly destructive. Because they ignore and undermine the experience of the people on the front-lines and those who have the in-depth subject knowledge, who rarely get asked for their opinion. However, the issue is not

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5 Simple Ways To Improve Your LinkedIn Feed?

Ultimately, you are the one who controls your LinkedIn Feed. Take control of what you want to see. Here are the 5 simple ways to improve your LinkedIn Feed. Your connections: If you are not happy with the content you are seeing, the most important reason is your connections. Start looking at the content you don’t like & remove those content creators from your connection. People you follow: If you are following the right people/companies/groups, you will see the right content.

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Custom Details Page (CDP) – A Complete Guide 📖

Custom Details Page (CDP) by Google Play

What is Custom Details Page (CDP)? As marketer how many ever mobile app ads we run, in most cases (except deep-linking) users will still go through the iOS App Store or Google Play store to download the app. While the number of ads can be many, the store pages act as the last step (like a landing page) in our download funnel, and these are only segmentable by language or geo, until now. Google is taking a big step and making

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8 Fast and Easy way to test mobile app ideas

8 Fast and Easy way to test mobile app ideas (1)

8 Fast and Easy way to test mobile app ideas We’ve seen it time and again: small tests can lead to significant results, sometimes through incremental improvements, and other times with dramatic, exponential improvements. Here are 8 fast and easy ideas you can quickly test mobile app ideas to get on the road to better results. Determine the impact of displaying customised promotions based on a user’s previous buying behaviour. See which app onboarding copy best motivates users to take

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How to Calculate Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV)

What is Customer Lifetime Value? Customer lifetime value (CLV), sometimes referred to as lifetime value (CLTV). This is the profit margin a company expects to earn over the entirety of its business relationship with the average customer. This metric shows how much revenue a customer provides you while using your service. It’s essential to know your average client LTV to run effective marketing campaigns. The key is comparing LTV to customer acquisition cost (CAC). If a user provides more revenue

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